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Guide to Standard Bathroom Vanity Sizes

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When you are building or remodeling your bathroom, choosing the perfect sized bathroom vanity from among the staggering amounts of styles and sizes in the market is not so simple. You soon realize that choosing the right sized vanity is certainly not as easy as you thought in the beginning. Hopefully, this guide will provide you with enough information to make your shopping experience easier with regard to choosing your bathroom vanity size.

What is the standard bathroom vanity size? The standard bathroom vanity sizes are 24, 30, 36 and 48 inches width for single-sink bathroom vanities. For double-sink bathroom vanity, 60 inches and 72 inches are the standard sizes in width. The standard bathroom vanity height is 32 and 36 inches. Standard bathroom vanity depth is 21 inches.

Let’s check in detail about the Standard vanity sizes and what will be the perfect one for the bathroom you always wanted to have.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Dimensions

You should take it in to notice that, even though the dimensions of bathroom vanities that are in the market vary between a certain rage of. It’s really a matter of your personal preference.

Typical cabinet width starts from 24 inches to goes like 30, 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches. The standard vanity height varies from 30 inches to 36 inches. Depth usually varies from 20 to 24 inches. These sizes can be customized, depending on the type of vanity and the sink you plan to install.

Based on these dimensions, bathroom vanities come in two styles.

  • Freestanding
  • Built-in

Freestanding vanities are good for small spaces and come in many different styles. Built-ins are better for larger spaces. It typically offers more countertop space and storage. You can choose what will suit your preferred bathroom layout.

  • Large bathroom Vanity Size –  typically 48 to 96 inches. Suits for a double-sink with extra storage and suits for a larger bath.
  • Medium Vanity Size – suits for a single sink bath with extra storage and more counter space.
  • Small Vanity Size – suits for a single sink and for a smaller bathroom.

You can choose the most suitable dimensions for your vanity based on the usages given above.

*Quick Tip – If you are going for a vessel sink, then you may want to look for vanity on the shorter end of the range as most vessel sinks will add an additional five or six inches to the overall height.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Depth

The typical bathroom vanity depth ranges from 20 inches to 23 inches. According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the standard bathroom vanity depth is 21 inches. It is considered the most favorable size for the average American bathroom vanities. So, the depth of most of the bathroom vanities in the market nowadays varies around the standard size. (from 20 to 23 inches.)

But you can select a perfect vanity that goes with your preferred bathroom layout. For a narrow bathroom layout, shallow depth sized vanities start from 18- or 16-inches depth will be perfect. But as per your preference, you can go for an 8-inch vanity too. For a typical corner bathroom, vanity depth ranges from 24 inches to 18 inches.

To get a clear idea you have to measure the vanity depth. It should be measured from the back to the front of the box and the thickness of doors and drawers. Be sure to include the gap you require for fillers if you plan on using them. A filler (or filler strip) is a piece of wood used to close the gaps between the vanity and the wall.

Again, you can change or even custom build these sizes depending on the general usage, aesthetics or the preference of the users.

Depth is crucial when it comes to the available storage space within the vanity. Since you can’t make the vanity taller or shorter than usual and still use it comfortably, the only way you can add up extra storage space is expanding the depth.

You can learn more about vanity depths in our bathroom vanity depth post.

Standard Bathroom Vanity Height

The standard bathroom vanity height is 32 inches. Depending on how tall the user is, this height puts the surface of the countertop at waist high. Or it can even a bit lower than that.

I think the entire bathroom fitting layout depends on the size of the vanity you choose. Because the placement of the faucets, mirror, lighting and the power outlet depend on the size of the vanity you are going to have. In addition to that, you have to consider the average height of the users.

If you are building a bathroom for your family, then it is better to go ahead and install a 32-inch vanity. It fits well for an average height person.

Therefore, it is a good match for bathrooms where you cannot predict the height of the user. So, this is a good option for a bathroom vanity installed in a publicly accessible place such as hostels, lodges, and hotels etc.

Compared to the comfort vanity size, 32 inches- standard size perfectly matches with the rules and standards of an ADA compliant bathroom. (The standard sink height of an ADA compliant bathroom should be 34 inches maximum.)

For more information on vanity heights see our detailed vanity height post here

Comfort Height Bathroom Vanity

If you consider yourself as a taller than average person who happens to suffer from frequent back pains then the new 36 inch- comfort height vanity is the best for you. You do not need to bend too much in order to use the vanity. So, it reduces stooping and helps you to maintain good posture.

On the negative side, sometimes you might end up spilling water all over you since you do not bend towards the sink enough. However, the choice is really yours to decide the ideal vanity for your bathroom.

*Trending Tips – You can easily mount a latest floating vanity at 36 inches comfortable height and you can use the extra space between the floor and cabinet opens up the room to new decorative possibilities.

Bathroom Vanity Sink Sizes

Standard oval and round bathroom sinks have a diameter of 16 to 20 inches and an average water depth of 5 to 8 inches. Standard rectangular sinks measure 19 to 24 inches wide (side to side) and 16 to 23 inches length (front to back). The standard water depth of 5 to 8 inches.

If we mention the dimensions of various types of vanity sinks, undermount rectangular sinks and countertop sinks might vary from 16 to 24 inches in width and from 12” to 18” in depth. Actual interior bowl dimensions can be 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 inches smaller around the whole sink perimeter. Sizes of a drop-in sink run around 16 to 24 inches wide and 12 to 20 inches from front to back.

The dimensions of a rounded vessel sink run between 14 to 20 inches in diameter and 4” – 7” in depth. You have to keep in mind that the depth of the vessel should be added to the overall height of the vanity.

When I was looking for a vanity sink, I categorized my requirement under a few main areas. Space Limitation of the bathroom and the counter-top, the average height of my family and general usage and the faucet choices. Based on these factors you too will easily be able to figure out what would be ideal.

Standard Single Bathroom Vanity Sizes

For a single bathroom sink, vanity has to be at least 30 inches in width as it will leave 4 – 5inches of space on the counter too. If you are not too tight on space, you can choose something between the sizes of 36 – 48-inches.

The height usually is something between 31 to 36 inches unless it is customized to function as a makeup vanity. The depth can fall between the range of 13 to 24 inches.

If you have to go for an 18-inch wide vanity, it would give you just enough room to place a bar of soap on its surface and a couple of drawers to store your toiletries while a 42-inch version would give you ample storage space to put all your toiletries on the countertop.

You will have more than enough room to arrange fresh towels in the space underneath the sink no matter which size you end up buying, but obviously, with a larger one, you would be able to store more than just towels with less clutter.

Standard Bathroom Double Vanity Sizes

Having two sinks can make a real difference at your place as you and your partner will be able to get ready faster without the frustration.

Therefore, it is more suitable and convenient to install a 60-inch wide countertop or a 72 inches wide countertop. You can manage a 48 inches countertop as well if space is cramped.

Before deciding the height and the width of your vanity, you have to make sure that the storage and counter space is enough for each other and for your essentials.

Makeup vanity dimensions

The standard makeup vanity height for a stand-up makeup vanity counter is 30-34 inches. Sit-down makeup vanities are usually built within the heights of 26 and 29 inches. Makeup vanities require only a width of about 30 to 36 inches. Make sure to leave at least a 24-inch knee-space width under the countertop for your dressing chair.

What sets this type of vanities apart from the others is that these must be built in such a way that a person who is sitting on a chair can have easy access to the mirror in front of them. To accommodate this, sit-down makeup vanities are lower slung than the others.

You might give vanity a special consideration since you can specialize the vanity to have your make up equipment stored. So, keep in mind to install the countertop in the reachable position.

When I was installing my vanity, I made sure to add drawers and install vanity towers on the countertop as it is easy to reach the drawers while applying makeup.

*Quick tip – It is easy to go for 30-33 inches of width when you build a makeup vanity. It will reduce the distance between you and the mirror and you will be able to get your makeover done easily.

How to Find the Right Size Bathroom Vanity?

Before deciding the size of the vanity, you have to have a clear idea about how the vanity will be used. If you are designing a guest bathroom or a common bath, you will mostly need a single sink vanity, which sizes range from 18 inches to 48 inches. If you have more space, you can use the extra space on the countertop for toiletries.

When you are equipping a master bath, a double sink vanity will be the best idea unless space is not an issue. Then you can go either for 60 inches or 72 inches. You can even go for 48-inch model if the space on the countertop is not a priority.

If the storage is the main priority for you, you can try a vanity with ample cabinet space. Otherwise, try the latest vanity tower. It is easy to install above your vanity or the counter and it won’t increase the size of the vanity or take up the floor space and make the room look smaller.

*Quick Tip – Make sure to leave enough room for entry and shower door openings. You’ll want to ensure the vanity won’t be too big or disrupt the flow of traffic.

Related Questions

What is the standard bathroom vanity sink dimensions?

The Width of vanity sinks mostly run between 19 to 24 inches. (side to side) The length varies from 16 inches to 24 inches from front to back. The depth ranges from 5 inches to 10 inches.

What are the standard bathroom vanity mirror sizes?

Standard mirror sizes are 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches in height. The width usually varies between 20 inches to 36 inches. The width can be varies depending on the shape of the mirror.

What is the standard bathroom vanity mirror height?

24 inches standard sized mirror will suit for a medium-size vanity.

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