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What Is The Standard Shower Head Height?

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As I was using the shower a few days ago, I was wondering how high the shower head was. Out of curiosity, I did some research and found a few interesting facts about shower head heights. Let me share them with you.

So, what is the standard shower head height? The standard shower head height is 80 inches (6′ 8″ feet) from the floor to the shower head. It can range from 72 inches to 96 inches according to personal heights and location. However its commonly installed at 78″ or 72″ inches by many builders and plumbers.

The shower height depends on various other needs and requirements of the users such as the ability to move the hands and other body parts comfortably when having a shower. This is why we need to look into shower head heights in more detail.

Standard Shower Head Heights

Even though I mentioned that the standard shower height as 80 inches for people with average height, there is no code requirement for this. So, the shower height depends largely on your personal needs, preferences and the space you have in your bathroom.

Your shower height can range between 72 inches to 96 inches. But remember for homes the shower head height should always be taller than the tallest member of your family, but your kids should be able to reach it as well. (But don’t include kids in shower height calculations as they will grow fast.)

For places with public access like hotels, guest houses, offices, commercial buildings, etc. its better to fix it at a taller height than the standard 80 inches. Because even very tall people like 6 feet 10 inches or 7 footer (84 inches) might use it. (Reminds me of NBA basket ball players).

It’s because of this unpredictable height of guest, that you will notice most hotels usually have handheld shower head installed with a long vertical bar to hold it and adjust height. You don’t want anyone bumping into your shower head while showering and injuring themselves or claiming damages from them.

So, you need to decide your shower height that you want depending on the tallest person who is likely to use your shower head.

Best Shower Head Height

The best shower head height for a person, would be a few inches taller than the person using it. (normally 3 inches taller from your head to shower head.) However the gap between your head and the shower head shouldn’t be too tall or you won’t be able to fully experience and enjoy the various shower spray patterns your shower head might offer.

For you to get an idea about ideal shower height at which you should fix your shower head here is a guide to shower heights for different personal heights from a Nebraska builder’s website.

User Height Shower Head Height
5′ 63″
5′ 7″ 71″
6″ 75″
6′ 3″ 78″
6′ 6″ 81″

Note: To get the shower head height, measure from the floor up to the vertical center of the shower arm where it meets the wall.

The standard and best a shower head is also depends on the shower head type you use. So let’s have a look at the various types of shower heads and their different height requirements next.

Standard Height For Wall Mounted Showerheads – 80″

The standard height is 80 inches for these shower heads. But again, this depends on the people who will be using the shower. You should always fix your wall shower head at a height that is most comfortable for you.

If a lot of people are using the shower in your house, deciding the shower height can be a problem. Since we have to fix the shower at a height which is comfortable for everyone in the family, we can use the average height of all the family members. When you do this calculation, you do not have to include children as they grow fast and their heights keep changing.

Standard Height For Rain Showerhead – 84″

When you are having a shower, if you want to feel as if you are standing in the rain, the rain shower head is the best option for you. Here, the shower water falls directly onto your head from the shower head.

When you install a rain shower head, you should place it at least 80 inches above your shower floor. But I found that you should install the rain shower head at least 84 inches above the shower floor, so that you can actually feel as if it is raining onto you as it is placed higher above.

If your family has members of different heights, a rain shower head would be the best choice for your bathroom as it accommodates all heights. Also, if you have a shower with a low ceiling, a rain shower head is a good option for you because the shower spray is already spread when it comes out from the shower head.

Standard Height For Handheld Showerhead – 72″ to 78″

Another type of shower head is the handheld shower head. If you want to fix this type of a showerhead, you should fix it at a height between 72 inches and 78 inches from the bathroom floor, which is the standard.

The best thing about about handheld shower heads is even though this its fix at 72 to 78 inches, the vertical bar which the handheld showerhead is usually fixed onto allows you to adjust the shower head height according to your preferences.

When you are buying a handheld shower, make sure that you get a flexible hose that is at least 60 inches long along with it. This hose allows you to use your shower as either a fixed or hand-held shower head.

In your family, if you have small children, it would be easier if you get a handheld showerhead. As the shower height is adjustable according to your height and preference, these showers are quite popular now.

Standard Shower Enclosure Height – 78″

When you are fixing a shower, you should also make sure that you cover the wall area which is above the shower pan with any waterproof material. This standard shower enclosure height is 72 or 78 inches, starting from your bathroom floor. However you can construct it or buy them ready-made with up to 96 inches tall.

Normally it is recommended to build the shower enclosure up to at least 3 inches above your shower rough-in. The shower rough-in is the height at which your shower arm comes out of the wall.

At any instance, the shower enclosure in your bathroom should not extend up to the ceiling. But if you are sure that there is proper ventilation, you can have it as high as your ceiling.

I am saying this because mold and mildew start to form on the shower walls if the steam that comes out from the shower does not have space to vent out. Mold and mildew on your shower wall is definitely not something that you will ever want.

Standard Shower Space Sizes

Shower sizes or shower dimensions are closely related to shower head height. So let’s briefly look into that too.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the recommended shower space size is 36 inches x 36 inches. When you have this minimum shower size, you can stand under the shower comfortably and wash your head by raising your arms without any difficulty.

But you know, showering spaces, cubicles and enclosures can have various sizes and different builder, plumbers and enclosure advertisements and salesmen might recommend other sizes. So you might have problems in selecting the most suitable shower size for your bathroom.

From what I found the smallest shower enclosures which are available in the market are 32 inches x 32 inches. If you get this shower size, you will be able to stand up straight and have a wash if you have an average body size.

But your body movements will be largely restricted if you go for a small shower space size like 32 by 32 inches. If there is large person they’ll need much more space.

Same is true for disabled people or some transferring from a wheelchair into the shower in your family, then your shower size should be 36 inches x 48 inches square or larger.

Someone needing help to shower like an elderly person will need a shower space where two people can stay.


What is the standard Shower Valve Height? 
The shower valves need be located between 38 inches to 48 inches above the floor depending on the user’s height. Your shower valve or shower controls should be accessible from both inside and outside the shower spray.

What is the Standard Shower Wall Height?
When measuring the shower wall height, two measurements should be considered. They are:

  • The shower wall should be at least 72 inches in height from the bathroom floor outside the
  • Inside the shower, the height from the drain to the top of the wall needs to be at least 70

What is the Standard Shower Door Height?
The standard height of a shower door ranges between 72 inches to 78 inches. The most commonly used shower door height is 72 inches. But shower doors can go up to a maximum height of 96 inches.

What is the standard height for a shower grab bar?
Grab bars should be mounted lower for its users to have better leverage off it. The standard height for a horizontal shower grab bar is between 33 inches and 36 inches.

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